Hair Removal

Hair removal, Skin rejuvenation, skin tightening, Tatttoo Removal, Age sports, Thread Vein, Acne scars and Pigmentation removal per session

Abdomen 60mins – £110

Bread 30mins – £70

Bikini Line 30mins – £70

Brazilian 60mins – £150

Buttocks 60mins – £110

Cheeks 30mins – £70

Chest 60mins – £110

Chest and Abdomen 60mins – £160

Chin 30mins – £40

Feet 30mins – £60

Fingers 15mins – £40

Full Arms 60mins – £120

Hair removal full back and shoulders 60mins – £160

Full Face 60mins – £120

Full Legs 60mins – £160

Half Arms 30mins – £70

Half back 60mins – £110

Half legs 30mins – £120

Hands 30mins – £60

Hollywood 45mins – £150

Jawline 30mins – £70

Lips and Chin 30mins – £70

Naval Line 30mins – £60

Neck 15mins – £70

Naval Line 30mins – £260

Neck 15mins – £70

Nipples 30mins – £60

Shoulders 60mins – £110

Sideburns 30mins – £60

Toes 30mins – £40

Peri Anal 60mins – £150

Underarms 30mins – £70

Patch test 15mins – £0

Botox can recontour your face and lawline. It’s true! In addition to treating dynamic lines and wrinkles, Botox can actually reshape your jawline.

Therefore, by injecting Botox into these muscles, you can actually slim down your face, giving it a more feminine symmetrical look.

Anti wrinkle injections in the lips (Botox lip flip) involves using Botox to enhance the upper lip. Just a few quick injections can help the upper lip relax and roll slightly upward, which allows more of the upper lip to be visible.

Hyperhidrosis is the medical term for excessive sweating. It refers to any abnormal sweating, such as sweating when it’s not hot. People who sweat excessively often soak through their clothing or drip sweat. Regular antiperspirants don’t work well for those with this condition. Botulinum Toxin injections are a new treatment option for people with hyperhidrosis.

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Aroma and Jet Hydrotherapy!

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