IV Infusion Vitamin Drips

What is IV Infusion Vitamin Drips?

IV infusions are a great way to treat common illnesses such as hangover, migraine, dehydration, athlete/muscle recovery, jetlag, skin hydration, multivitamin supplementation, and aid weight loss. Please discuss which package would be best catered for your specific needs with one of our trained specialists.

IV Infusion Vitamin Drips

IV Infusion Vitamin Drip Packages

  • 1 hour appointment
  • 45 minutes on drip
  • 15 minutes prep

The hangover cure £200

Immunity and stress £200

Anti aging IV Infusion £200

IV Infusion Vitamin Drips
  • Nad+
  • Big D detox
  • Skin brightening
  • Immune support
  • Multi vitamin
  • Shred fast weight loss

50% OFF

Aroma and Jet Hydrotherapy!

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