Refund Policy

All service sales are final, with no refunds. 

Refunds may be issued only on an occasion when there is an approved medical condition that has developed as a result of the treatment. Medical proof will be required to support the claim. 


Aesthetic treatments such as Botox-anti wrinkle treatment, skin boosters, dermal fillers and laser treatments are non-refundable once the treatments have been undertaken.  

The list is not exclusive. 


There is no guarantee of satisfactory or pleasing results with aesthetic treatments. 


Our practitioners use their experience and advanced clinical knowledge to safely provide the best possible treatments results to the best of their ability.  

Prior to each treatment being undertaken a client is offered free consultation where all questions can be asked, and possibilities of complications are discussed. Treatments are undertaken with care and top-grade injectables. 

We constantly strive to improve patient satisfaction.  


A “top up” anti- wrinkle treatment may be offered at the practitioner’s discretion, if clinically relevant. 

There is no ‘top up’ of dermal filler or skin booster, and any further treatments will be undertaken at an additional cost. 


Any adverse issues relating to facial/body aesthetic work undertaken at The Vanity Clinic will need to be raised as soon as possible (maximum one calendar month from the treatment date), and a face-to-face consultation will be arranged.  

We will aim to correct any deficiencies. 


We do not review clients who present more than one month after their treatment. 

We do not carry out anti-wrinkle “top up” for clients after 14 days from the date of their anti-wrinkle Botox injections.