LED Facial

What is Facials?

Our facials we offer are designed around your specific skincare needs, we run a consultation with you and build the facial around what your needs are first. Within our facials we involve LED, Skin Needling, Derma Planning, Derma Rolling, Mesotherapy, Steaming, massages, exfoliation, and masks. The skin on your face is constantly exposed to the elements, which can take a toll over time, so we aim so protect and recover you from this.

We have exclusive use of the London based brand Eve Taylor.


LED Facial Packages

Acne/ Bacteria suppressing £55

Anti-wrinkle and rejuvenating £55

Deep repair and anti-allergy £55

Calming and relaxing £55

Anti pigmentation and evening of complexion £55

Skin energy and youth boosting £55

Additionally add on to any of these treatments one of the following

Carboxytherapy for puffy eyes £35

Carboxytherapy for top lid £35

Carboxytheraphy for fine lines £50

Dermaplanning £15

50% OFF

Aroma and Jet Hydrotherapy!

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